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My terrible, horrible, no-good very bad week...in gifs!

ETA: Because Kinja is a turd, I'll just refer you to the correct gifs for each day.

I feel like I've abandoned you guys! So here's my last week, in gifs.

Monday (gif 1):

I'm super excited, because I have a four-day weekend coming up.


Tuesday (gif 2):

I wake up with an awful sore throat, just on my left side. I take the day off work and head to the doctor, who says no strep, just take it easy.

Wednesday (gif 3):

My last "work" day, which I spend at home. My four-day weekend has become a six-day weekend, but at least I'll still get to enjoy my time off, right?


Thursday (gifs 4-6):

Actually feeling a little better! Good enough to do some baking. Made some really good brownies. Wink, wink, and all that.


I had too many.


Also, having no roommates home and no plans and being sick and hearing everyone else having their holiday fun makes for all the sads.


Friday (gif 7):

Yeah, Friday was kind of like Thursday. Oh, and I still have a raging sore throat through all of this.


Saturday (gifs 8-9):

Saturday was much like Thursday and Friday. It was also the day that I realized I should lay off the brownies, maybe give a few away.


I also had the added bonus of repeated bouts of hiccups, starting Saturday night.


Sunday (gifs 10-11):

OK, so Sunday should have been the day I started rounding the bend. Instead, I woke up to this:


Well, not exactly. I hate throwing up, so I was able to hold it off, just barely, using the old forehead-on-the-toilet-bowl trick. Also, more bouts of the hiccups. Shockingly, not helpful, with the nausea. Anyway, I went to the couch and slept until 2:00, then alternated between watching Twin Peaks with my roommate (seriously, David Lynch can do no wrong) and helping to set up and fill our new above-ground pool. You'd think that three people in our thirties could easily do what thousands of Walmart shoppers before us had done. Nope. They're going to make attempt #3 today while I'm at work.

Oh, and more hiccups!


Anyway, I woke up this morning at the time I had to leave for work, got to rush out the door and, what do you know, another bout of hiccups. Oh, and another one just started as I was writing this sentence (gif 12).


I'm just, I'm done. With life.

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