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My Thanksgiving Miracles (+ Cat Picture)

1. I found the recipe for the dressing I did last year just before I was fully committed to doing the less awesome dressing recipe I was resigned to using this year. This year's almost-dressing uses 2 tablespoons of butter. Last year's dressing uses a stick and a half. Which would you use?

2. I was inspired to create an excellent Thanksgiving morning drink. It doesn't have a name yet, but it's half a cup of coffee with about an equal amount of milk, 2 tablespoons of Ibarra Mexican chocolate mix (the Easy to Prepare kind) and a shot of rum. It's like a Rummy Mexican Mocha. Or something. Whatever you want to call it, it's delicious.


3. My roommate isn't here. She was supposed to spend last night and today with her boyfriend, but they had a fight last night and she came home. I thought I was going to have to share my feast with her, but she made up with her stupid boyfriend and went back to have dinner with him. She's a nice person and an excellent roommate and I think they should break up, but I'm glad they didn't do it today, because worse than spending a Thanksgiving with no one is spending it with people you just kind of like and having awkward conversations about nothing.

Non-miracles include the crying fit I had earlier and the slight headache that's creeping in right now. I better hydrate before I open the next bottle of wine.


Anyway, I'm glad you guys are around. I'm everlastingly thankful for Groupthink. Happy Thanksgiving, Unitedstateseans, and Happy Thursday to our friends in the Commonwealth and all around the world.

Bonus: A picture of Carl

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