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My mother and I went to my female cousin’s home. She had her brother and their female cousin from other side of family. Sadly her other brother, his girlfriend, son and his son came. Both her brother and his son died earlier this year by two months. So neither the girlfriend nor grandson came.

So it was five people.

We started with butternut squash/apple pureed soup with ground nutmeg on top. My cousin she gave us a nutmeg then a grate was passed to grate out the nutmeg into the soup. I am not sure if she cooked the squash and apples then pureed it or pureed then cooked.


Now I get very, very sick on turkey so I had no turkey. My cousin apologized and said she forgot. I survived.

We then had turkey, sweet potatoes and a bakery bought pork pie.

The sweet potatoes she roasted them with brown sugar.

The pork pie was bought by her cousin. It was homemade and lacked potatoes. It was rather good. I had two slices.

For dessert my mother bought a apple pie and countainer of whipped cream. My cousin bought a tart pie with pears and apples. She also made for her brother especially an apple crumb thing. She used granola and burned it, it was cooking too long. My cousin also made whipped cream. Her brother well he brought himself. She did not serve the apple pie we brought but we were just five folks.

I did ask her and her brother if they have seen their late brother’s grandson who is in college. The grandfather essentially raised him and always brought him everywhere so the grandson always ate over my cousins house and went to the brothers house. The late brother was very close to his sister and brother so they helped raise the grandson too. He said he only sees his nephew when his nephew wants something, I assume money. He obviously did not want to talk about him.


The brother was very happy in that he got a job for the next two months. He is a retired teacher who fills in only for a week a more. Well he is filling in for two months teaching since the regular teacher is on leave due to having a baby. I was suprised that substitutes can dictact terms like this, only filling in for a week or more not on call for single days. I guess its a perk for retired teachers. He has filled in before for teachers leaving for a while to have a baby.

For drinks she made hot apple cider with cinnamin stick and looked like raisins.

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