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Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s really sudden. Her wife is in academia, and she got offered a job out of state at a university, so they have to go in 3 weeks. I know that’s how academic jobs work, but I’m really really bummed. I liked her a lot, and I feel like she “gets” me in away that other counselors I’ve seen have not. She was very apologetic. I’m just sad.

I’ve seen her since April, and a lot of what we have been working on is abandonment, attachment, and trust issues. She acknowledged that this whole thing is really shitty timing (not her words) in light of that. I told her that I wasn’t mad at her personally, but that I’m sad and disappointed. I’m frustrated that I’ll be starting over with someone new, but I’m at least glad that this is happening now while I’m in a more stable and calm place than I was a few months ago.


She had a few recommendations for counselors at the same clinic who will take my insurance and who she thinks would be a good match for me so I won’t have a gap in treatment. I’m glad my schedule is more flexible, so I can move to another time slot if I need to with the new person. It just sucks, even though I know it wasn’t planned

I’m grateful that I got to work with her, and I do feel like it was very helpful. I just hope I have a similar positive experience with whoever I see next. :/

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