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My thigh is atrophied

And this fish is my mascot. Now that the initial shock and pain of being run over by a car has subsided I had my first physical therapy session today despite the ridiculous copay and insurance frustration. Basically my left leg is now withering away.

I already have twiggy bird legs to begin with, my thighs are normally the same size as my calves and now my left leg is basically a meat bag and I'm going to be lopsided when I try to start walking.


Oh and I've been crutching wrong. I have to put my foot on the ground and walk annoyingly slow now because recovery has to be the most frustrating experience ever.

I'm being over dramatic, PT was helpful and my trainer was very nice, and probably excited to have a patient under the age of 60. Also the other people I talked to there were very nice, but that happens a lot when you were hit by a car.

It's super awkward and sort of hilarious to tell people what happened, it usually goes:

Person: What happened?
Me: I was hit by a car...
Person: [awkward silence]
Me: Yeah.... [uncomfortable laugh]


Mood goes way down when you bust out the old hit-by-a-car nugget. My Leg Fish knows:

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