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My third time as a Ninja Turtle on Halloween

Remember how I said - HOLY CRAP I FOUND A MEN'S* NINJA TURTLE ONESIE AND IT'S MINE!!! And how a bunch of you were all "pics or it didn't happen!" WELL.

We had a poker run thing at DudeJeans's work and I didn't realize until 20 minutes before that we were supposed to dress up. So: I put on the onesie and a belt, and made an orange hairtie. I may not have looked the slickest or coolest, but damn if I wasn't the coziest. I was so comfortable and WARM, guys. It was like wearing a fleece blanket. Excellent choice for poker run attire (you can fit LAYERS under that thing — win). I realized later that since I dressed as Raphael when I was 5 and 6, this is actually my third time as a Ninja Turtle on Halloween (but my first as Michelangelo, which is funny because he was my favorite by far).

Here is a picture of me trying to love my friend's little dog. Normally she and I are BFF but I think her fairy wings made her pissy, so she was trying to get away. WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME, DOG? (This is not the best picture from tonight, but it's the only one that doesn't clearly show my face, so.)


Okay, back to lesson planning now.

*Why not make a women's variant, Wal-Mart? WHY ARE YOU GENDERING TMNT LOVE??

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