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My throat keeps hurting -- is this allergies?

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Quite a few weeks ago, we stirred up a bunch of dust in our basement when we sanded some floors and took out a wall. We wore heavy duty dust masks etc. and I was fine, but a few days later when I took down the plastic we had covered bookshelves etc. with, I was dumb and didn't think to put on a mask, and I developed a sore throat. My doctor said it was allergies, and since then I've taken Zyrtec with good results. Well, until this week, when my throat started hurting again. We have had a lot of fans in the house with a recent "heat wave" (by Seattle standards) but that's over now.


This is the first time in my life I've ever had a sore throat that seems to be caused by allergies. Not to be gross, but the first time (right after the basement work) it was accompanied by a lot of, you know, drainage from my nose. This time no drainage, just a nagging sore throat.

Has anyone else had something like this? Anyone in the Northwest who knows the likely culprit? Because of course I am jumping to the conclusion that my throat is slowly dying from the inside, causing my eventual death.

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