Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I suffer from basically near-constant post-nasal drip. After my latest nasty sinus infection, my doc prescribed a nasal spray to be taken continuously, three times a day. NBD, I’ve done flonase and nasonex before and been fine. But this time? NOT FINE.

It’s doing a great job of clearing out my congested sinuses, but unfortunately it’s just moving all the junk into my throat right now, and it tastes AWFUL. Like, coughing, spluttering, wanting to vom horrible. My doctor promises that this will clear up my drip and then the taste will go away, and I just have to tough it out until then.


In the meantime, can anyone offer any tricks to make this suck less? Or reassurances that this will indeed dry me out eventually?

ETA - I can’t neti pot, so I’m trying specifically to find ways to get rid of this taste. I know cleaning my sinuses out before spraying would help, but that’s not in the cards for this poor frog.

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