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My top 5 shows of 2013

Here are my top 5 shows of 2013

1) Major Crimes. I love the characters. Sharon Raydor is calm, cool and so compassionate and tough on criminals. GW Bailey as Provenza took his character on The Closer who was a grump comic to the conscience of the show.

2) Bones. I so love this show. I like Booth. Booth is a character strictly American. A wannabe knight who always tries to do the right thing but realizes how grey the world is yet sticks to his principals while navigating through the grey. Totally willing to sacrifice for the innocent. Also I love how the show has such a strong comedic side.


3) Cedar Cove. Why? Sometimes when you see on the news tragedy or read depressing stories you need a fantasy where there are places like Cedar Cove where its peaceful and the real world doesn't enter. I tried the novel series by Debbie Macomber but couldn't get into it.

4) Blacklist. I like the darkness of the show and Spader is excellent. I like how you try to figure out what his game is.

5) Rizolli and Isles. Rizolli is a male Booth in many ways. I love the banter. I also love how Rizolli's mother can so easily throw everything awry yet loves Isles as a daughter.

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