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Note I have not read a new one of his novels since mid 1990s. I did reread The Stand twice and first three Gunslinger novels again.

The Stand.

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For Gods sake this was a masterpiece. One of if not the best novel of the 20th Century. The plague secrion was brilliant, the idea of two camps one good and one evil. Ok the last part felt rushed. Also Stu Redman my favorite King character. As ordinary as you could get yet when push came to shove he acted extraordinarily.

2. The Shining. I loved how claustrophic it felt and the undead guests. The father already torn by inner demons and guilt the ghosts preyed on him.


3. Salem’s Lot. A fun vampire novel. I do wonder if he wrote this now whether he would have added nuance to the vampires. Maybe some with a conscience. Who kept their humanity. It was looking back vampirephobic.

4. Drawing of The Three. I really loved the character of Odetta. The best of the three Gunslinger books I read.


5. Danse Macarbe. A wonderful deconstruction of horror. A nonfiction book. He sums up horror as a Appolonyian Envirornment Suddenly Turned into A Dionysion One. Is this book used in literature classes? It should be.

I hated

1. Tommynockers. I did not get it. It was like a Bodysnatchers takeoff.

2. Misery. Misery to read. Sadism for sadism sake.

Favorite novelette

The one on the plane where everyone was a few seconds out of time with rest of world. Delightfully weird.


Yours? Fav? Hated? Fav Novelette?

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