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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My troubles with Golden Globes

a) Golden Globes needs a long hook to pull people off. Jaqueline Bisset so needed it, she just didn't stop talking it seemed. Or have someone come out to escort them.

b) Jon Voight winning. Have no clue what he was in. No way would I ever watch anything this teabagger republican is in. I changed the channel while he was giving his acceptance speech. Heather Hall was hosting on ShopHQ so I watched her banter with her guest for a few minutes.


c) Why is acting drunk funny? Emma Thompson who I love in movies faked being drunk. Drunkeness is tied to domestic violence, assaults and death on the road. Seriously not funny.

d) Why give any honorary special award to a man who cheated on his wife WITH his stepdaughter who was at most 18. Seriously Woody Allen betrayed not just the trust of his wife but exploited his stepdaughter. He needed to act like a stepdad not a lover. Sick man. This was akin to incest.


I took the dogs out at this point with my mother helping. Then they followed her to her bedroom. I then went to mine and read Naomi's Room a fantastic novel.

On the upside I LOVED Fey and Poehler. The scene where Poehler pretended to be Fey's son was the highlight of the night. Also the jokes were spot on.

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