Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

finally had gas in my car, so i got to go to the church food bank today. i'm following in FreeSampleThief's footsteps, and posting what i got. i've been going there on and off for years, and i used to volunteer there, so they all know me and my family well, so i think i got some extra/different stuff because everyone there knows my kids have food allergies. there's 8 people in my family, total.

a whole frozen chicken (slightly expired)

2 8-count boxes frozen sausage patties (slightly expired)

1 8-count pack all pork hotdogs (? interesting...)

a small package of chicken thighs (slightly expired)

2 small bags frozen mixed veggies

3 boxes soy milk

1 box gluten-free waffles

3 pounds potatoes

2 16 ounce cartons fat free greek yogurt (slightly expired)

1 package low-fat cream cheese (slightly expired)

3 loaves bread and 1 bag of rolls

1 small apple pie (! my favourite!)

1 big jar creamy peanut butter

1 big jar grape jelly

3 boxes mac 'n' cheese + 1 box easy mac

2 bags whole wheat noodles

2 cans cream of chicken soup

2 jars four cheese rosa pasta sauce

2 cans diced potatoes

2 boxes hamburger helper

some small packets of goldfish crackers, raisin bran cereal, and rice krispie treats


so... that's what we got. it looks like a lot, but it won't last long! the whole wheat noodles and cheese-rosa sauce will probably end up going to my neighbours or back to the food pantry, because the younger kids can't have those and the older kids already said "ew" about it. everything else will get used up in a hurry. the chicken is thawing for tomorrow or friday (we'll have it with tomatoes! ugh. lol. damn those tomatoes.), the kids already plowed through 1 box of sausage patties and 4 potatoes for dinner, most of the bread is stashed in the freezer. also,half the pie, the goldfish crackers, and the raisin bran cereal already got devoured. i hid the rice krispie treats for later!

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