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My uncle was a sick man (TW just...bad shit)

Spacer here for anyone who wants to skip this, but I’ve got to get it out

So, I posted here a few months ago when my uncle passed and explained some of the history. He sexually abused my mother (his little sister) when he was an adolescent and it had ripple effects that severely impacted our lives. I’ve long lived with question marks floating around me wondering if she was his only victim. I don’t remember anything happening, but I spent a lot of time with him as a kid before she came to terms with what had been done to her; time alone at his apartment as a young kid. I’m sure I’ll never really know.

Well...what I hadn’t shared yet was what we found while packing up his house. My parents wanted to shield me from it, but it’s everywhere. Hundreds if not thousands of images of underage porn just scattered about his belongings. There were file boxes in his bedroom full of random computer printouts interspersed with old photos of young girls. Pornographic pictures used as bookmarks in his sci-fi novels. Random hard drives laying around that none of us had the fortitude to even plug into a computer. Today, while packing up my grandma’s Christmas decorations in the garage, we found another box of random papers that seemed benign enough until SURPRISE! highly disturbing and illegal shit right in your face. Then I found it: a medium-sized moving box full of photo albums, one labeled “My Little Black Book”. You can guess what was in the albums. I only briefly glanced inside one, and I wish I hadn’t. I won’t even begin to describe. I wish I had brain bleach.


My mom is fucking destroyed. She’s been telling herself for decades that what he did to her was an isolated incident, but now she has to face the fact that he was a seriously sick man. None of this is evidence that he ever acted on these urges again, but it clearly shows that that was his inclination. My entire life, I never knew my uncle to date or have any sort of romantic life. This would explain why. It also may explain the very sudden and extreme falling out he had with his old friend and former roommate when I was a teenager; we never understood why his friend would kick him out and shut him out of his life the way he did, but this gives us an idea.

Mom has been in such a panic over the whole thing that she immediately ordered everything be destroyed, but I think I finally convinced her today that the authorities need to be alerted. The sheer volume of material is shocking. These pictures come from somewhere, he had to get them from someone, and there’s high probability he was sharing pictures as well. This is depressing as fuck, and only adds questions to the already long list. 

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