That tag's supposed to be "Fuck you, lady parts."

Not literally. Because that would require an ER visit.But WTH, you know? I take my slut pills. After pill #21, I'm supposed to wait a few days, and then a few days of misery. It's been lasting longer lately, which I attribute to approaching menopause, but I take it in stride.

This 22...23...24..all the way through 28 and nothing. Okay, cool. You're 50. It's time for things to start stopping. I started my new packet of slut pills on Sunday night. Monday... Tuesday ... Wednesday - oh fuck.

But you're not supposed to GET a period if you are taking the pills, I thought. Guess not. This would explain the migraines for the last four, five days. Just delayed. Sigh. Will it be long, short, or normal? Cramps were mild, at least, though I had the period poops. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Yippy ki yay. I enjoy being a girl!