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And I... kind of like it? Is that weird? Does anyone 'round here actually like their period?

I'm off oral birth control for the first cycle in almost ten years. (I'm getting a Mirena soon.) My period is SO DIFFERENT. It's red! It hasn't been red in years - always like (HERE IS THE TMI PART) dark brown sludge. And it was really light. I got a Diva Cup a couple of months ago, and I didn't even fill enough of it to have to dump it out, it just kind of stuck to the insides, after like 16 or something hours. I always thought it was kind of concerning, that so little came out, and it looked so old and gross. I like this redness. It feels like I am shedding things in a useful way, y'know? And like my uterus is healthy inside with nice red healthiness.


It hurts. The cramps are worse than I'm used to. But it feels like my uterus is being productive or something. I'm lying around in bed and having baths and drinking tea, and massaging my uterus and wishing it good luck getting rid of that there lining. I have watched 4 episodes of The Good Wife. I can see this sucking if I was at work or something.

And I am wearing Period Panties that say "Cunt Dracula" on them. CUNT. DRACULA.

I feel like I will be sad to stop getting my period (eventually) on the Mirena. What about all of y'all? Do you hate/love your period? Are you ambivalent about it?

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