is going to PF Chang's with my BFF/mortal enemy (you know how that goes). And glittering a bunch of stuff because I'm in a parade tomorrow. My fiancee and I have never done anything on V-Day, plus he's working tonight and I have glittering to do.

There is the story behind PF Chang's:

One time, when BFF and I lived together, we were attempting a dumb diet (long, long ago when I was young and stupid) and we got trapped in a suburb, starving and without appropriate snacks. We smelled PF Chang's while at a mall, ran in there and ate. This day was Valentines' Day, but we didn't make the connection that we were on a Valentines' Date. So now, we do it on purpose.

The same year, we had the exact same experience AGAIN where we emergency-ate PF Chang's. This time? It was fucking Fathers' Day. So now we take each other out for Fathers' Day because she doesn't know her dad and I hate mine. Win!