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My Very Own TakeDown Piece!

I think this brings me to two? There was that hilarious one I found months back on the Miley Cyrus piece.

This new addition is (naturally) about my This Is What I Mean When I Say "White Feminist" piece. Hilariously, it's written by a white guy. I guess that means he considers himself a feminist? Small mercies I suppose. But the best part? It's called "White Bitch Hunt". I call dibs for the name of my new band.


Anyway, I wouldn't have known the piece even existed, but as is so often the case with people looking to start shit, he tweeted the link to me and included @Jezebel as well. I was SO tempted to tweet him back, but I've pledged to myself that I will make more of an effort not to engage with trolls or the willfully oblivious this year, and I think he might fall into both categories. He also calls his blog "the last, best hope for man on the internet" so there's that...


I'm not going to link the piece since I'm 100% sure that's what he wants, but the name of his blog is Trial of The Century if you really want to go look. I do kind of want to talk about (mock) some of his points though. It's only January. I haven't risen above that much yet.

Anyway. We begin...

What a ghoul this woman is. Who would honestly consider her a legitimate voice in the feminist movement? A bunch of women get together to smear "white feminists," white women get "defensive" and request that people not make sweeping statements about them—and Young is incensed that she has to "deal with" white women who do not want to be lumped together under a spiteful and derogatory banner. Someone should complain about "black feminists" or "Hispanic feminists" around her and see if she starts screaming about "generalizations."


Then, after posting my definition of "white feminist", he writes:

That's rich. The term "white feminism" isn't supposed to be offensive to white people—it just appropriates the skin color "white" and imbues it with negative connotations, as the author explicitly points out.

Imagine the opposite—suppose a person was criticized for "acting black," say, when all they were really doing is acting stupid. Could anybody deny that one was conflating black skin color with stupidity? Could you really make the argument that you weren't speaking about all black people—you were just referring to " a set of single-issue, non-intersectional superficial" behaviors that "blackness" represents? It's at once hopelessly bewildering and deeply offensive, unless you're as small-minded and ignorant as is Young. Oh well, I'm at least glad that she used the word "intersectional" in the article. Not enough feminists do that.


LAWL. I honestly kind of just have to laugh because his arguments don't hold any water, but he clearly think he's "TAKING ME DOWN" *dramatic twirl*.

The first quote shows that he was selectively reading, since he clearly missed the part where I'm tired of hearing about it because of all the other things that white mainstream feminism has done to alienate WoC in the movement, while still insisting on getting the benefit of the doubt. You know, that big paragraph where I present my receipts, filed and catalogued, even though I don't have to?


The second quote shows that he doesn't have even have a fundamental understanding of what racism even is or that the dynamics of power matter when we make generalizations about racial groups. I actually talk about that in one of the comments on the post:

See, what white people always forget is that one of the privileges of whiteness is individuality. One white person's actions isn't seen as a reflection on all white people. Minorities don't have that luxury. That's why after 9/11, all ambiguously brown/Muslim/Arab people are terrorists, while no one pathologizes white male teenagers as school shooters. IT IS WITHIN THIS CONTEXT THAT WE CAN MAKE GENERAL STATEMENTS ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE. It is because we knowthat no one is going to reflect one set of white people's bad behaviour onto all white people. It is because you are already given the benefit of the doubt. We don't need to give it to you as well.


So, yeah... tone deaf whit guy proves my point and gives me a laugh. I guess there are worse ways to spend my Sunday.

ETA: A very nice, succinct explanation from TheWhistlingFish (that I wish I came up with myself):

What people don't seem to get is that "White Feminism" is feminism for white people, and never exclusively feminism by white people. It's more about who it benefits exclusively than who is perpetuating it exclusively. It's really not as much of an accusation as people are making it out to be, more like a word for the institution we're trying to separate ourselves from.



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