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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My very special love everybody, do good things in the world post.

Hello Groupthink! It is almost exactly halfway through the year and July Fourth- so, my friends (Romans, countrymen) it is time to think about charity. Yes. Charity. Now is the time that I begin my big craft-a- palooza. This year, I am on the hook for ten afghans, and six bunnies. I have three afghans that are gifts for family and friends, and then I was going to attempt an afghan a month for charity and a bunny a month (and then I rounded the afghans up one, because, hell- in for a penny...) Now, none of the afghans are particularly involved (lots of whipstitched motifs and giant grannies) I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew, but damn the man and hoist the main sails! If I only make four of the seven afghans, well it's still more than I had before. The bunnies work up very quick (Bunny! I e-mailed Caron and they gave me a go ahead to spread this free pattern around. I encourage crocheters to whip a couple up) so I'll just make more of them if I fall short on my blanket goal. This years charity of choice for me is ACS- the Atlanta Children's Shelter. They help homeless families find places to live. I thought it would be nice for some of the kids to have something soft and warm this Christmas.

But- I am no saint, and I am no braggart(well- not a huge braggart). I am a just a lady who loves yarn. When I started crafting for charity, it was because an ex wanted me to get rid of the enormous amount of extra blankets hanging around the house. I gave my first charity blanket to Afghans for Afghans. And it felt Awesome. Then, he and I had a very public, very mean, breakup with all sorts of terribleness. I started making afghans for a local woman's clinic because I wanted to feel Awesome again. It worked. Is it the worst possible reason to give to charity? Maybe; but it still feels pretty win/win to me. Last year, I was unable to do any charity crafting for a number of reasons, and I ended up feeling kind of hollow. I got to make a large rainbow afghan for a LGBT charity auction a few months ago and it kicked my crafting booty back in gear!


So- the point- I want to know who here is ready to commit to some hardcore, crazy people charity work with me this year? Small stones and big ripples and all that. Who wants to join up with me and pledge some time to make your corner of the world better? This feels super corny typing, but I'm serious. I have been thinking for a long time about the logistics of starting my own thing, but I would really have no idea where to even start. I have always wanted to run a blankets charity, where people from around the world would send in knit or quilted or crocheted blankets that I could then distribute to people who needed them. There is something about a blanket that just feels good to me. It covers you and holds you and warms you like a friend. And I really love that. So, not knowing where else to start- I'm starting here and sending out a message to pick up hooks and needles and fabric and yarn and make someone you don't know a blanket. And, of course- post pictures and updates and brag and cry and frog and tell us what charity you want to support

Love everybody, and do good things in the world!

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