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My vision is improving!

In an unexpected turn of events, my eyesight is getting a lot better. Last year when I went in for my eye exam, I was prescribed bifocals. This year, I went in for a checkup, and also because I've had a near constant headache for about 6 weeks. Turns out my prescription now is WAY too strong, which explains the headaches. So I need to get new glasses, but they'll be significantly cheaper than before. Still expensive, but not prohibitively so. And no bifocals for another 3-5 years, which means I can still pretend I'm not middle-aged!

Strangely, my optometrist asked me if I was having blood sugar issues and I replied "well...I did...I was pre-hypoglycemic, but I was diagnosed with hypothyroid this spring, and have been taking meds for it since then." He said "oh...well then it makes sense your vision is improving."

Question: How much stuff does a wonky thyroid fuck up? Answer: EVERYTHING!


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