Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It doesn't matter if I even do the craft or don't do the craft. I can just sit and watch them like normal people watch box sets. They're hilarious and informative.

This lady, for example, is named Patsy and has curled bangs (of course her name is Patsy. Of course she has curled bangs) and she's really fucking enthusiastic about her ugly ass quilts. But her techniques and skills are amazing and her thrill at her ugly ass quilts is just adorable and contagious. It's like watching gifs of puppies eating ice cream cones.

I go through phases of watching videos about random things, like a couple weeks ago when I watched a bunch about tatting lace and crewel embroidery which, let's be honest, I ain't never gunna do. I just watched cos I could. May the atheist unicorn in the skies bless this beautiful internet!


Does anyone else have a weirdo youtube weakness? Just me? Okay I'll see myself out.

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