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My wedding happened.... and it was AWESOME

So as you have seen a bit lately, I had been apprehensive about some parts of the wedding. I knew it would all come together, I had accepted that it would be a smaller wedding, but things still go wrong at the last minute.

But everything turned out amazing, you guys!! Seriously. Things I want to tell you:

-Every single person said they LOVED the whole thing. And it wasn’t the ‘oh this is lovely ’ type response. It was enthusiastic and raving reviews.
-The food was OMG delicious. His Texas family said the steak was amazing and my dad said there were no steak knives.... they all cut it with butter knives. Having good food was important to me, glad it paid off and they delivered.
-DJ was on point. Had a good mix and when there were requests, he’d adjust. This is a credit to the crowd, but also to him: Almost every single person at the reception danced for at least one song. Even the non-dancers.
-His aunt paid for a $250,000 wedding of BellaFella’s cousin (who was his best man) last year. That whole family was still raving about everything at mine, including my dress, the decor, etc.
-I have bestest friends in the world. My maid of honor did all the decor and it was flawless, creative and personalized. She’s crafty/artsy/an artist anyway and she comes up with amazing ideas, then executes like you wouldn’t believe. She can make a mountain out of a mole hill.
-The venue was top notch. I have high expectations because while I haven’t done event planning for weddings, I’ve done events, in general. But they really delivered. The day-of butler was amazing. The wait staff and hotel staff were great as well. If any of us needed anything, they were on it. Just because you do a lot of events, doesn’t mean you do them well.... but they do a lot of weddings and they do them well. They setup all the decor that my BFF brought, worked with her to let her put the final touches on things, etc. You would never know that I only filled half the room capacity because it was setup so it felt ‘full.’
-Apparently the dresses I picked were awesome because all my ladies loved them. “I’m going to keep this after the wedding! I love it!” “I want to get dressed already, this dress is so comfy.” (I also paid for their hair and it looked super cute) “BellaDella, you let us look pretty on your day!”
-Shout out to Mockingbird for helping add some finesse to my ceremony script and editing it for me! It was a hit.


There were only 2 major snafu’s. First, I lost my contact Friday night. I have never LOST a contact. I’ve dropped them and found them, but never straight up lost one. And the ONE time I didn’t have a spare set on me. Luckily, I McGyvered it. The dog walker got an extra contact from my bathroom, but it at the desk of my building. My co-workers, who live in the same building, picked it up and drove it up with them. They got there about halfway through our picture time before the wedding and I had my eyes back! So half our pics beforehand have me in glasses and half the time I was just blind.

The flowers were.... lackluster. The ‘light orange’ roses that were supposed to be in the bridesmaids flowers were a bright orange. I thought they were bringing in flowers for someone else’s wedding. My bouquet had the right color roses (I told them which color I wanted), but they were supposed to be ‘fully opened’. They are like 2 days from that point. They were also beat up. It must be a more fragile rose, but still. They looked beat up. I intend on talking about this to the florist.

ALSO. Turns out I can’t keep it together. I cried during the first look. That made the WHOLE bridal party cry, guys, girls and BellaFella (he was already starting to tear up anyway). I cried as soon as I started walking down the aisle, partially because the song I picked is awesomely beautiful (Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, performed by Vitamin String Quartet). I cried when my maid of honor did her speech, but BellaFella cried at the same part. She tugged on the heart strings.

Without further ado, here are a few pics of things that I have right now. Since I’ve bitched so much, when I get better photos of the decor, I will share!

(this is one of the better pics of the whole dress I have right now. It looked like a million bucks.

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