This week has been both monumentally sucky and monumentally helpful.

Monumentally Sucky: My best friend of 20 years terminated our friendship. I didn’t know implying “I miss you” too much as well as wanting her to continue to invest in our friendship by, you know, putting in any effort to see me (in the past year, she had never once called to get together, had only seen each other 2x in the past six months due to mutual friends having their own events, and told me to my face that I was going to have to do all the work if we were to see each other). She’d been a shitty friend for a while, but god, it killed me, I had known her longer than I hadn’t known her, and she made me feel like shit for simply wanting her to demonstrate that our relationship was still valuable.


Monumentally Helpful: I had my fibroid surgery last night, and a big thank you to everyone who gave me advice and reassurances. This had been such a stressful time leading up to the surgery because twice in the preceding two weeks I had been called and told I needed to reschedule. My surgeon finally had to talk to the schedulers and be like “Stop. calling. her. This is happening no matter what.” And happen it did—later in the than it was supposed to, but it happened. All the staff were polite, professional, and caring, It was an easy surgery—thank god for drugs because I don’t remember anything between taking deep breaths of the sleepy gas and waking up with my mom by my side—and they removed a massive fibroid from me. I’m so glad that it’s finally over, and now I just need to ride out the wave of discomfort/pain for the next few days and take it easy for a while.