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Update: Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. They made me feel better. I crawled into bed last night and read everything, but my phone logged off and I couldn’t figure out what I’m logged in under. No flashback mind theater last night, so that was an improvement. It got cold in Dallas, so tonight I made Taco Soup tonight.

Last Friday at 1:20am, I was driving home from dancing. I’m going down the highway at speed limit when I see a car behind me and realize that it is coming too fast and not slowing down and not moving over. I realized in time to try to get out of the way. I did not completely succeed. The back corner of my car is gone. The other driver straightened his car and just kept barrelling down the highway. I got to the right medium and rolled until I could tell what exit I was in front of. I somehow managed to call 911 because smart phones are hard when your hands are shaking. I had a very excited conversation with the dispatcher where she encouraged me to get off the highway. I rolled up the exit ramp and into a gas station parking lot in a very sketchy area of Dallas. She assured me that an officer was on the way and that I should lock my doors and wait inside my car for him (which was very comforting). I called my husband and he was out the door to come get me before I got off the phone. He beat the officer to my location. I called AAA who sent an expedited truck out to us that was there in 20 minutes. I’m waiting to hear how screwed my car is.


Not bad from the back, right? They just removed a couple of inches from the right side.

Okay, so the muffler is hanging off and I have no idea where that rear quarter panel went.


And check out that rim!


I had a lot of shock after the wreck. I went to bed around 3am and was still cold despite the fact that I know the house is like 75 degrees and I took a shower. I’ve had some trauma response. Driving on the high way almost gave me a panic attack on Sunday and my brain keeps making me relive it a few times before I fall asleep. Plus, my back hurts a lot. The chiropractor took xrays yesterday and agreed that I must have taken quite a hit. He said that usually he say pinched nerves in the neck or shoulders, but I have it in my lower back, which shows that I hyper extended backwards a lot when I was hit. I’m really lucky that it is only as bad as it was. It could have been so much worse.

Everything will be fine eventually. We are well insured with a reasonable deductible and we have personal injury protection. If the frame is bent and they total the car, I have gap coverage on the lease. The rental Senata isn’t bad and I’m waffling at choosing it over the Altima next time. Of course, the Altima being able to get out of the way probably saved me, so maybe not.


Also, I had oral surgery scheduled today, which I have been looking forward to all weekend since I have pain meds for it. I had a root canal go bad in October, so the tooth was removed to get rid of the infection that leaked out of it. Today I had what looks like a drywall anchor inserted in my jaw. It will heal for about 2 months and then my dentist will fit me for a fake tooth that will attach to the anchor. I can feel my mouth now and I just have some dull pain in the jaw.

I spent the afternoon icing everything and watching the Witcher. I’m not looking forward to a full day at work tomorrow.


Since I have more time at home and I feel better than expected, I’m making Chicken and Dumplings for supper. It went from 81 on Sunday to 48 this afternoon so some cold weather food is required. For the dumplings, I used a GF flour mix and chicken bone broth instead of milk. I also added more liquid to them because GF flours are usually really thirsty. I also used chicken breasts because that’s what was in the freezer. I just thawed them and cubed them. I’m letting it cool a little before I let the pressure out of the IP. I guess I will spoon the chicken out then.

I hope all of you are having a better time than I am. What are you making for dinner?

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