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Welcome To The Bitchery

My Weekend: Dating and TMI


  • Spur of the moment OKC date (like, set it up 5 hours beforehand)—first first-date in 10 months, and I decide it’s time to jump in. Drive to him, he’s cuter in person, we walk and talk, I find out he doesn’t have a car, we make out on a grassy knoll on a Uni campus, he’s a bad kisser and I try to give him feedback for it to be better. Nice enough guy, agree to a second date. Date ends early when my period ruins things.


  • Vag is on fire...could feel it building from Friday. Make Target run: UTI test strips, cranberry pills, greek yogurt, Vagisal wipes. UTI negative, take pills, eat yogurt, use wipes
  • Lunch with friend and her new beau. He’s very nice. I’m slightly envious because he’s the type I’m usually attracted to, but given that he’s dating her, he’s likely NOT the exact guy I’d want to date. Just someone similar to him
  • Veg out on couch rest of the day, texting Date Boy and a different OKC guy


  • Wake up to ruined sheets. Stupid period
  • Vag no longer on fire! Yay!
  • Hour of yoga. Sweating feels good
  • Date with Date Boy. Pixar’s “Inside Out” and then walking and then to his place. It’s a mess. We start making out, and I stop him in the middle of it to say I’m not feeling the chemistry. He asks for a post-analysis and I give it to him. His profile is deleted by the time I get home.
  • Text with other OKC guy and a guy I’ve been emailing from CL, who is taking his sweet time with his correspondance
  • Respond to an ad on CL; guy doesn’t have a car. Deal-breaker (fuck all you SF and/or tech men who don’t have cars).
  • OKC guy calls and leaves an adorable message. I’m eating ice cream instead of returning his call. I will return his call.

TL;DR: I hate dating and periods suck.

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