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My dad is visiting. He drove out here before to see me because he misses me or he wants to makes sure I'm not slamming heroin into my eyeballs, or something.

But this time he asked if he could stay at my place and I was like, derrr, sure why not! Man, I'm a dummy. I was going to spend last night cleaning the apartment so it's less repugnant but instead I got drunk and spent all night playing with the neighbor's dog.

It's not that I hate my dad or anything, he's just so hard to be around. My mom says he's gotten better and she keeps sending me encouraging "he's so different now, give him a chance" blah blah texts but ugh.


I feel bad for him too because of his three daughters I'm the only one who will even have anything to do with him, anymore.

I am really dreading the weekend, though. I hope you guys have something great going on so maybe I can read happy fun time Groupthink stories inbetween awkward conversations and clawing out my eyeballs.

I plan to be drinking quite a bit this weekend, myself.

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