I have been planning for months (okay, since July) to visit one of my best friends. She just had a baby (I am the Godmother!) and lives on the east coast. She tries to come visit every summer but was not able to do so this year. The last time I made the trip east to see her was three years ago. She now has two beautiful boys and they bought a house this past spring. It was definitely time for a visit.

I was so looking forward to this trip. She helped me at the lowest point in my life. We have always been there for each other despite the fact that we can go months without talking to each other. I have been going through a lot of emotional stuff and I was so happy to be able to see her this weekend and talk to her in person. It was going to be so wonderful. I would get to hang out with her adorable older son and finally meet my godson. We planned to go to what she called a "Hippie Fest". The weather was going to be good. Basically, everything was going to be perfect.

And than it happened, right as I was about to leave work for the airport. My cell rings with an 800 number and I'm all "Who the hell is this? I gotta leave right now!". Well, it was Delta, calling with a lovely automated message that my flight was delayed and wouldn't be landing in time for me to make my connecting flight. And, oh, guess what? That was the last flight out and no more flights until tomorrow. And, the flights tomorrow don't land until noon or later. UGH.


I immediately called the Delta number and a supremely lovely woman answered and checked every flight on every airline (even, gasp!, American) and could not get me a flight out tonight. I said Hell check Boston I will drive to my destination, but, alas, no luck. I will say this lady was super awesome and really very nice and offered me a full refund (as they should, but the ticket was non-refundable so technically they could have kept $150) and genuinely sounded sorry for my predicament. I took the refund and will be making the trip another weekend.

I still had to call my friend and tell her the very bad news. At which point I broke down sobbing. Guys, I am still at work....and sobbing hysterically, and I do not cry "pretty". Boy, was that fun. So we talked and I cried and she held it together while we were on the phone, but while I was typing this she sent me a text that said "I'm sad." And cue more tears from me.

I think one of the worst things about this cancelled flight is that it is not even raining here. Just low clouds. So the call came out of the blue for me and I had not mentally prepared for the fact that I might not get to take this trip. I went to Delta to check my (former) flight and see if I could discern the reason for the delay. Well, there was nothing in my city so I checked the city where the flight originated and lo and behold, it was Detroit. Mind you my connecting flight was departing Detroit, but apparently the plane used for that flight had landed much earlier today. It was my dumb luck that Detroit was at the north end of a narrow line of storms that just happened to be passing through at the absolute worst time. Double UGH.

So know I have to re plan my trip and, frankly, I am pissed off at Detroit. I was already mad I had a layover there and now their stupid weather ruined my weekend. So, SUCK IT DETROIT! Also, I am super ready for FUCK IT FRIDAY.....