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My Weekly Job Hunt Update/Rant/Call for Advice

Well... the bad news is that I still haven't heard any follow-up on my application for Lush. The good news is that it seems that not only have they kept the job-posting up, they have — as recently a October 1st — begun adding the posting to other sites.

It has been exactly two weeks since I applied. Can I send a quick e-mail following up, literally saying,

Dear Lush,

I just wanted to follow up to make sure that you had received my application for the web writer position and to ask whether you require anything else at this stage.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Also, they have one of those "fill out the form application" things on their website, but the instructions clearly said to e-mail them and put particular words in the subject line, which I thought implied that they'd prefer e-mail to the form submission.


Anyone else want to rant/talk about their current job hunt?

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