In high school I had a French teacher (all boys Catholic HS first half of 1980s). He was a Brother. He was very well liked by his students and by others taking French. The sad part is if he didn't do what he did, he would be on the best teacher list.

We had to have 2 years of a language, French or Spanish. Those taking French were called French students, those taking Spanish as Spanish students.

There were stories that when one was getting out of the shower in the gym locker room to cover up quickly.

Well there were rumors of him grabbing students by their member and yanking on it saying "toot toot" and then walking away laughing. Sick I know. But it always "I heard he did it to X".


In my second year he did it to for him the wrong student. This student immediately called his parents, the Brother was yanked from class. This remember is the early 80s. Few if any students there knew what pedophilia meant. I most certainly did not.

At this point it went from rumors to yes we all accepted it as true. He was transferred at the end of the year to another state and school. Yes face palm for their sheer cruelty. Police should have been involved. The school at least had other brothers walk him to class and out of class each day.

Oddly looking back the rumors were always about the Spanish students (ones taking Spanish) never French students, final victim was a Spanish victim.


This never left my mind for all these decades. Yes there was another Brother whom I never had that was far worse, which I only recently found out about.

Oddly still I never told my mother about this teacher and why he left until 5 years ago. Until then she had nice thoughts about him. A lot of parents then did. Its so horrible what he did and yet if he didn't do this he would have been warmly remembered. Thats my worst teacher I had.