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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My writing got me laid.

Hoo boy, its late. So, if you've been paying attention to me closely you know I started seeing one of my friends that I went to the Mexico trip with, and its going pretty well and I'm really excited. Tonight neither of us felt like going out so we stayed in and ate some fancy buffalo and salmon jerky that I won because on Wednesday I made a bet that Paula Deen would be fired by the Food Network before the weekend. It was really nice (by that I mean the jerky and the evening). We also broke my bed at one point with "vigorous" (as my doctor describes it) sex.

Anyway, this was the first time she tried to spend the night, but she was having problems sleeping. I live on a busy street with cars and drunk people passing by at all hours so its not the easiest room to sleep in, plus I think there was a bit of that thing going on where you bring a puppy home and it can't sleep or eat the first day because its too nervous and excited about its new surroundings. I just got back in from sending her home in a cab.


She told me tonight that things changed for her in Mexico after she read some of my posts in Groupthink. I don't know which one was the one that convinced her I was worthy of romantic attention, but I'm guessing it probably wasn't the one about boobs on breastplates. Though maybe it was, because I think she agrees with me there. I just wanted to brag/share that the stuff we write on Groupthink has a larger audience than our regular commenting community, and some of that audience wants to have sex with us.

I also wanted to speak directly to her, because I know she reads this stuff, that I had a great night and I hope you sleep well in your familiar comfy bed. I'm thinking of you tonight.

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