I know it's stupid, but I am old, not married or w/kids and I always feel bad on Valentine's Day.

When my grandmother died, I made sure my mom continued to receive flowers or a present on Valentine's Day. Because otherwise, she'd get nothing. And what a crappy feeling is that?

Not only do my sister and brother make no effort or thought to do this for my mom, but they made it clear that they certainly will not do that for me. They say it's not a big deal to them, although they exchange presents with their wives/husbands and kids. Note that I send their kids little Valentine's Day presents.

I don't know why this really hurts my feelings. I'm an olds, for pete's sake. But it does. Maybe it just reinforces that no one is really thinking of me on a day that's supposed to be about love. Or that my feelings don't matter.

It's just a bad day. It's one day. Like New Year's. And then I will move on. But for real, if doing something so small would make someone you (allegedly) care about happy, why not?


All right. Also, I hate crap chocolate and I'm in frigging Kansas. At least in Philly I could feel better with 4th Street Chocolate Chip Cookies or John & Kira chocolates.

Done whining now. Thank you.