I have a Twitter, but I'm not a Tweeter. So I come to you. I'm going to list out every harassment incident or sexist thing that has ever happened to me, that I remember. I don't really consider myself that much a victim, compared to many. I am generally privileged, which surprises me about all this, if I look at it as an outsider. Clearly, with less privilege, I would have had more experiences. I am shocked by the sheer quantity. And obviously I'm not remembering everything.

-My abusive ex carved "cunt" into ever panel of my car and the police told me that was "something a woman would do" and that they "spoke to him and he seems like a good guy." It was never pursued; he continued to harass me.

-A girl was raped and strangled to death in my apartment complex in college, and a curfew was set on the women who lived in the complex until they found the guy. The men never had to change their routines. I guess none of them were suspects?

-[It seemed like this happened almost everyday] When I was middle-school-aged, my friend and I spent all afternoon every afternoon on my trampoline in the back yard, watching for these cute boys from a neighboring school to walk by on the golf course behind my house. The golfers would drink beers and watch us bounce and tell us how gorgeous we were. They asked us to turn around once.

-This whole story.


-My ass got grabbed on a daily basis when I waited tables - at a family restaurant, where I dressed conservatively.

-I have been followed on public transportation at least 3 times. I'm sure, statistically, those men weren't all going to rape me. Shame on me for stereotyping and now avoiding all public transportation.

-A man pulled out a lock of my hair on public transportation, and said he was keeping it because it was so pretty.


-Being asked my shoe size at work because "I am really into feet and I would suck those toes." This was my boss.

-Twice, I entered into a relationship where the guy liked how "cool" I am. Both times, I was referred to as a "bitch" who can't keep my mouth shut as soon as my strong independence became inconvenient.

-A fraternity at my college was shut down for using roofies; I knew people whose protest to this was "the girls should know not to drink anything at frat parties." Ok, so just let them set booby traps?


-A year ago, a man on the street called me a dyke when I didn't like his "compliment." He followed me for half a block.

-Another different boss, at a different job: told me and my roommate/co-worker he thought we had threesomes. Also said he was going to get us drunk at the local bar and take us home when we were too drunk to know who he was. For this threesome he told us we have.

-Same boss as above: at my job interview, said, "I like that skirt on you."

-Being told you're sexy on the street, and when you don't respond with a, "thank you so much! Let's have sex now" then being called a fat ugly bitch.


-This whole story.

-A man broke into my house and I woke up to him breathing over me. When I awoke, he ran off. The police first assumed I dreamed it. The second question was "did I lock the door"? The third statement was, "your story doesn't make any sense." YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT DOESN'T.


-Once, someone said to me, "how many drinks do I need to buy you before you'll go home with me?"

-When I was a lifeguard, a neighborhood dad tried to get me to show him my 15-year-old boobs. I saw him everyday and worried he'd ask again. I didn't lifeguard the following summer.

-When I used to take my baby brother out, guys called me a slut, assuming he was my child and that I was a teen mother.


-A customer the other week said I had the kind of hair you "pull during sex." I don't work an "adults-only" job.

-When doing construction administration on a large project, I had the pleasure of listening to the contractor call my boss (also a woman) on the phone to tell her not to send her receptionist out to do "her dirty work."

-I was taught in Catholic elementary school that women who make more than their husbands get divorced quickly, and divorce is a sin, so that if I was too ambitious, I would go to hell.


-I listened to people whisper about how my 30-year-old friend had "a lot of nerve" for wearing white at her wedding.

-My lesbian employee has been told by customers that she "won't be a lesbian when they're done with her."

-More times than I could count on OkCupid, and at least 4 times in real life, a man has asked me about my pubes within two minutes of first speaking to him. He is wondering if I am a real redhead, which obviously means we need to talk about my pubes.


-I got a scholarship meant for "women in construction" (architecture) in college. Surrounded by guys the whole time I was in school, I felt guilty because they'd told me I should.

-When I first started studying architecture, a male professor told me I will likely end up in interior design because "I probably will only care about colors." (also, interior design isn't really about colors)

-Girls and boys were separated for math in my elementary school. My mom told me it was because girls are afraid to talk in class. My dad told me it's because boys are better at math.


-Told by a colleague that he can "tell I'm a girl" through my art (as criticism). Since that is an insult, I suppose. "Good art" doesn't come from a female artist.

-Being called a slut when I won't hook up with a guy once - countless times.

-Being called a slut when I won't hook up with a guy twice - but I'm a slut for the one time. Twice.


I'll keep adding things as I remember them. I'm tired now.