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Do you guys ever fall down the internet rabbit hole?

So- background. I love conspiracy theories. The wilder and more insane the more I love to read them, watch them on television and drunkenly argue them with my friends. Aliens. Black helicopters. Project paperclip and Area 51. My deep love of Welcome to Night Vale and my devotion to watching Ancient Aliens. My lurking on the Black Bag sub-blog. I do not (repeat- DO NOT) believe any of these ravings- I enjoy it as a form of fiction; like an alternate history. No, aliens did not build the pyramids as Egyptian power stations (but King Arthur didn't go questing for the Grail and nobody makes fun of a love of Arthurian legend)


Today, I was just fucking around on Pinterest (where, seriously you guys, my Pins are mostly rainbow crafts and knitting patterns. Also grown up coloring book pages, which I have decided I want to start doing. So i need to find good colored pencils that aren't necessarily Prisma-color nice)

But last night I had a weird dream and on a whim punched "ghosts" into Pinterest. Which led to a link for "The best ghost photos on the web" Which was attached to a site about- well all manner of paranormal and conspiracy type stories and weirdness, which led to a link about the Tangled/Frozen/Little Mermaid theory, which led to a site that was literally NOTHING but various and rather crazy pants theories about the connections in the Disney-verse.

I spent the last three hours of my limited life on that you guys. I am three hours closer to death, and the only thing I have gained is the knowledge that somebody in internet land thinks that Tarzan's parents are the shipwrecked/ stranded parents of Anna and Elsa.

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