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Nail Art Input Needed

Either Monday or Tuesday I'm going nail polish & accessory binge shopping, and I need your collective input on a few questions! I just quit biting my nails down to nubs this year, so I'm still a bit new to this. Here are some of my questions before I go polish crazy and buy a ton of shit.

1. Polish Brands

Does it really make that much of a difference? Say between your regular Sally Hansen $4 bottle, versus a bottle of OPI (or something expensive). Is it worth it? If so, why? Better coverage/coats? What's the big diff?


2. Nail Art Pens/Dotting Tools

I think these look pretty neat, but again, are they worth the investment? Some people I've talked to prefer a good set of brushes over pens. Thoughts? As for dotting, I'm currently making use of an old stitch ripper that has a teenie ball on the end that works well for dotting. Is it worth the 'proper' tools?

3. Striping Tape

I think I'm pretty much decided on this one, but I want some input. I've tried a few different household tapes with varying degrees of success. Many are either to sticky and pull up polish, not sticky enough and polish runs, or to thick and leaves stupid thick lines. Also, trying to cut strips of tape that are all even is a feat I do NOT have the patience for. I think some proper striping tape should help. Thoughts?


4. Stores

I often see you guys going on and on about this magical place known as Sally's, but to my disappointment, there is nothing of the sort here. Any Canadian GT'ers have any advice on where to shop for good nail supplies (in store, not online)?


5. Cuticles

TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS! I have awful cuticles. They are thick, grow like weeds, and are generally hideous. I'm currently trying some Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Gel, but only having minimal success. I want them gone! Any good tips or tricks on how to banish beastly cuticles?


I just tried newspaper nails tonight and they actually turned out pretty decent! Now I'm even more excited for some new stuff!

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