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Nail Art Success (ish)!

Last night I got some excellent advice on what to do to achieve half-moon manicure greatness. I did it, y'all!

So here's the finished product on my right hand:


Definitely not perfect but I'm super proud of myself for getting it as good as this on a first attempt. I'm showing you the good hand-the other one isn't terrible but it isn't as nice as this one :)

The colors I used were Essie Turquoise and Caicos and Good As Gold. I wanted mint but it was too cool of a blue for my taste-I liked the greenier turquoise.


I got a Sally Henson Matte top coat for the mint parts. It worked crazy well and actually hid the mistakes I made really well as opposed to magnifying them.

Lessons learned:

1. The edges can get rill chunky if you aren't careful. Paint as little as possible right at that edge so that when you pull the stickers off, you aren't left with a giant ridge of polish.


2. You can kinda fix the ridge by gently tapping down on it with the pad of your finger. If you use a topcoat for the whole nail instead of what I did, the ridge pretty much disappears.

3. I discovered the ridge disappearing thing because I totally cocked up the first nail I did so I did some ombre copper glitter polish over the top to make it less obvious and to create an "accent nail". It looks...ok? I'm probably gonna wipe that one down with the acetone and give the half-moon another try since I've got a better technique down.


4. The brush dipped in acetone was a brilliant help. My edges looked a hawt mess before I cleaned them up.


5. As everyone said, let your nails dry. Let them dry completely before you put the stickers on and let them dry completely before you take the stickers off after you've applied your top coat. The Essie polishes dried in about a hot second so I didn't need to wait that long for full drying but the polish came up in chunks when I took the sticker off the first time on my test nail. Learned that lesson fast and was super glad I did a test nail.

6. Acetone is scary. I accidentally dropped the cheapie make-up brush I was using to clean my edges into the bottle and it completely dissolved whatever paint they put on the handle of the brush. I'm not kidding when I say dissolved. It was freaky.


7. I really really like that gold Essie polish. My nails looked gilded!

Overall it was a super fun little project and now I know why so many people are into doing interesting stuff with their nails. Thanks for all the tips and help! I'll definitely try this again and try to get it perfect.

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