So I love nail polish. I have kind of a lot for someone who rarely paints her own nails (most of it Essie). The things that stops me from painting are three-fold: 1) I always seem to ding it up or get smushes in it while waiting for it to dry. It seems dry but I guess is not? 2) It chips so fast it doesn’t seem worth the effort. 3) Taking it off, specifically taking off glittery shades (my fave) is a huge pain in the ass.

However, I’d like to treat myself in the last few months of my pregnancy to more self-indulgent things, and since my new sad carb-free diet means those things can’t be edible, and my new sad post-move pre-baby budget eliminates professional beauty services, doing my own nails is all I got. How do you all get your nails so purty? Technical tips and product/brand recs welcome. Help!!