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Nail polish - I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Look at this fucking nail polish. Isn't it magnificent? Of course it is. It's fucking amazing.

I've been a bit obsessed with doing my nails lately, but since I didn't bring any nail polish to China, I had to buy some first. This turned out to be harder than is sounds. At the first store I went, they had a big selection of craptastic colours straight out of a crayola box. Not really my style, but I chose what I thought was a nice coral. Once I smeared it on my nails, that shit turned out to be straight-up orange. Motherfucking orange. It even smelled like oranges (or at least Orange Pledge)! If there's one true sign that your nail polish is made for kids, it's when it smells the way it's supposed to look.


After another unsuccessful visit to what I thought was more of a legitimate make-up store, I finally gave up and went to the fancy department store. That's where I came across this beauty. As far as I can tell, it's Maybelline's Color Show Dressed to Kill. I paid 29 RMB for it (about 5$), which seems fairly standard for brand-name polish here.

So anyways, what nail polish are you wearing right now? I want inspiration for my next purchase.

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