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Nail polish plus dream

Look at all the nail stuff I bought!

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(incidentally I used to think I had a good sized large Pratchett collection until I realized that this next book will be his fortieth Discworld book. This was a good sized collection about 10 years ago)

I went to Big Lots with a five dollar coupon in hand figuring that I'd buy a few nail polishes because they might have a few decent brands. I got there and they had ALL the nail polishes. I had a hard time narrowing down which shades to get. I got:

  • Four Essie polishes, and I bought the pink Essie because of the Jezebel recommendation. The copper looking one (Wrapped In Rubies) is a bright red on my fingernails. The gold one (Penny Talk) is a rose gold but I haven't tried it get. Purple one (Sexy Divide) I've not tried yet, but it looks exactly like Sally Hansen's Rock Bottom aka my fav shade of all time.
  • One Revlon in Wicked Green. I normally have a embargo on green nail polishes but this one was so fantastic looking I couldn't resist.
  • Three Maybelline Color Show in sequins. Because I'm still eight at heart and I love sparkles.
  • One Sally Hansen Salon complete in Black Platinum. It's a black with silver sparkles. Because the eight year old is also a goth.
  • Two Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Pink Promise and Brilliant Blush. I'm not really a pink person, but try anything once right?
  • One Cover Girl Satin Sheets. I've tried this one before and liked it. It's a weird one. In some lights it looks gold and in others silver.
  • One OPI Shatter polish in Super Bass. I'm not sure how I feel about crackle effects since most of the time it just looks like you are really crap at applying nail polish. But this one is pretty nice looking
  • Two Sally Hansen nail art pens. One in black and the other silver. Possible issue: I am not ambidextrous.

All this for 12 dollars after coupon. It was amazing.

Also I had a dream last night that shows I am around here too much. I had a dreams about a you guys commenting on a main page article entitled, "This Foal Will Never Run." It was about a foal that was killed by another horse.


Jezebel insisted on calling the other horse "A Colt." You guys were mad because it lessened crime of the horse, because it made sound so much more innocent than it was. "It's not a colt, it's old enough to be tried as a horse, so you should call it a horse."

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