So here I am, four hours after starting, putting on ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING COAT OF NAIL POLISH!Excuse my Lewis Black-esque* exclamation, but this is what four hours of painting nails, messing up, and reapplying has done to me.

Painting my nails is usually fun for me. it's supposed to give me a moment to relax and wait for an hour or so until the nails are fully dry. Maybe if I mess up once, I'll take the botched polish application off and start again.

Instead, this has been an aggrivating Comedy Of Errors where I can't even emote with my hands without messing up my nails.It seems like at every turn, there is something that's ruining the manicure I've been trying so hard to achieve. I'll be going to work tomorrow, and today is the only free day I have to paint my nails. If all my fingernails aren't Totally Toffee by the end of the day, they won't be any other color.

So while I put on yet another application of nail polish,I hope to look back on this with the same feeling of anyone stuck in a loop of frustration: it may suck, but at least I can complain about it online instead of SEETHING WITH A FIERY RAGE!


*For extra enjoyment, imagine Lewis Black reciting my rant.