I got the Aurora - Gel Effect polish in Inky Dinky in my ipsy bag this month.

I have the Red Carpet manicure home gel kit, and I’ve done my own gel manicures for about 2 years. Sometimes I still do regular polishes, usually OPI or China Glaze. (And always with glitter. Because reasons.)

So, I didn’t have their fancy basecoat or special topcoat because that wasn’t in the ipsy bag. I used Orly’s Bonder basecoat and then a nice layer of Seche Vite for the topcoat.

So far so good. It was really thick going on. I’m used to gel polishes, which are runnier than standard polishes. This stuff was like the acrylic paint I used in college art classes. But, definitely the first coat dried on my left hand by the time I did my right. First coat was not very opaque at all.

Second coat went on nice and shiny and opaque. Topcoat dried like it usually does. Aurora’s website claims their polished harden and cure without a light after 4 minutes with their topcoat. I gave it about 10 until I started doing anything, and it all seems dry.

Granted, we haven’t passed the important nail polish tests: (1) do my sheets leave that annoying dent marks in the polish even like 2 hrs after applying the polish, (2) does a stupid piece of paper put an annoying as shit line dent into my nail, and (3) if I do dishes does it ruin everything.


Anyone else use this brand before? Thoughts?