As a fun activity during my bachelorette weekend a couple weeks ago, we got nails done. I am a nail biter - like, DOWN TO THE NUB biter. Like when other people say, “oh yeah, I bite my nails too” and I look to compare, mine are still half the size. Well, I accidentally chose a gel nail color, and I can’t bite through it!

I even got another one this past weekend to keep things going! Y’all, I can scratch my itches. I can scratch my itches!

As a nailbiter, things like new kinds of nailpolish were never on my radar. Lo, I have discovered my secret.


Nailbiter conversation: my parents have given me so much shit about this my whole life and when I finally learned it was a compulsion, they got even more mad that I was “passing the blame off” or whatever. Does anyone else have people who get ANGRY about the nailbiting, or is that just my ridiculous parents??


ETA: I guess I COULD bite through it, but the effort it requires kind of snaps me out of the compulsion, if that makes sense. It doesn’t feel *the same*, whereas with regular nailpolish it didn’t make a difference.