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I got my nail polish subscription box (Square Hue) yesterday and need to express someplace how excited about it I am. I've been getting it since December and this is the first month that I love every color. Right now I'm wearing the first, which is a dark, bright orange. This is totally unlike anything else I have and I would never have chosen it on my own but I love it, so this is a big subscription box win. The other colors are a really lovely green that I can't quite figure out how to describe— it almost feels like a darker version of a mint green to me— and a light purple. I tend to gravitate towards purples and blues but I don't have a purple this light, so I am excited about that. Square Hue is doing a decades theme this year which I'm not really into, partly because I have no idea what colors I'd associated with, say, the 1930s, and partly because it seems silly to boil a decade down to three colors like this. But, I am kind of looking forward to what they'll do when we get to decades I am more familiar with (1970s, 1980s, etc.).

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