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Nail Stuff

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I haven't seen a nail post in a while, so I'm trying to fill the gap!
I was at our beach house this weekend for a nice relaxing party after a rough week. Everyone had pretty nails, and mine were overgrown, naked and jagged. The Tiffany's color is popular again this week, but I don't have it, so I used OPI's "Gargantuan Green Grape" and it's close while still being different and not too copy-catty.
I know lots of people hate accent nails, but I love them! So I used "Funky Dunkey" and then slathered a bunch of purple glitter on it. I don't clean up until hours after so they're a bit gross.
My sexy dude Noodle made an appearance and is giving you guys bedroom eyes. He's pretty slutty.
If you can see, I also used Sephora by OPI's "Frankly, I Don't Give A'dam" on my toes.


Please post pix of your nail work! I really wanna get some stamping plates and these cool water decals I saw on Born Pretty.

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