So there’s a fight a-brewin’ (love me) about extra HOT baristas (and baristos?) who serve coffee at these “bikini coffee shops” and the whole thing is making me LOL. Here’s the link. (NSFW unless you are like me and DGAF)

My initial thoughts:

1.) Daaggggggggggggggggggg those folks are COMFY with their bodies, which I envy and want to get behind (ugh so many puns, so little time), and they shouldn’t be shamed for that (especially the “bikini” babes with pasties, cause female nudity should not be seen as inherently bad IMO and that might be where a lot of this general hate is coming from)

2.) Profiting from your body’s conformity to a specific beauty standard is kind of iffy from a “let’s not tie the value of a person economically to his or her appearance” though I suppose the question is, should we happily objectify as long as it’s diverse and no one being objectified is claiming to feel harmed?

3.) Genuinely don’t know if this is some kind of health violation (assume not because the stores are up and running and if it were, those against them wouldn’t have much trouble in getting the practices changed), but I wouldn’t want to eat or drink food made by someone who is basically naked (not because nudity=bad, but because it’s instinctively kind of gross-sounding).