It's WWTDDGeekGirl I did a brief name change because of the SCOTUS crap. It makes me feel better.

Seriously first day in the post SCOTUS world I woke up with menstrual cramps. This is why I need my damn whore pills, SCOTUS. So I can get out bed, live my life and not worry about bleeding through my damn clothes, having cramps so bad I can't walk or being in so much pain I'm throwing up. I've accepted the slight cramps, and exhaustion on the pill. At least then I can be a person who goes to work and does her job (or posts on GT because it's the slow season and OMG I'm bored to tears).

The only good thing is the Geekboy is wildly indignant about all this and has been posting a lot on Facebook. I really think this is a great feminism teaching/come to Jesus moment for him. I got into a Facebook fight with a friend of his (and actually think I made genuine headway). We've agreed that we should stick to the no politics treaty that had previously occurred naturally. But I told Geekboy I definitely need a break and not hang out with them for a bit. This is a couple we see once a week on average. We usually just drink, watch nerd shows or play games. Never had issues before but for me this is too personal. (They're not Tea-Partiers or anything wackadoo I do have my limits. Just Catholic combined with ignorant privilege throw in the husband's Mid-western upbringing for good measure).