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Hi all,

Recently I’ve mostly been a lurker around these parts, and so this might be a public service announcement that isn’t of much service to the public anyway! But I have changed my name. I used to be justmydayjob or andthatsjustmydayjob. That one never really stuck (except for the holiday variations that were fun, justmytrickortreatbag and something about a yule log, I believe).

It’s hard for me to keep track of people through name changes, so I wanted to just say hi. (I usually keep track of people through pictures but I also slightly changed my picture to get a less pixel-ly four-leaf clover, so...).


I didn’t do great on day 1 of Edie’s 30 days of self-care, so I’m going to call this switch self-care for day 1, since I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile.

ETA: Side benefit of post is that I can call the boy ArganFuse. He actually thought of ArganBomb months ago but only more recently thought of ArganFuse. I think it was the ArganFuse possibility that really put me over the edge in terms of prompting the change. As I noted to Chritter below, I do not like change!

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