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Name Game!

Help me name my new baby cow!!

The farmer just texted me this picture. Solstice wasn't due until Feb. 25th and he said the baby is a bit small. I hope everything goes well. My last premature baby didn't make it :( I didn't have the courage to tell you all after I posted about her here. In the last few months I also had this calf death and this sick cow (who is not making much progress, but still hanging in there.) I need some good news guys! My luck has got to turn around!


Here's the family tree, those in bold are still with me.

*this probably looks super random, but she was born on Halloween.

So my names have to at least have a nickname of like 6 letters or less. For example, Solstice's eartag just says "Sol" and Sunshine was "Sunny". Help me find a good one! Here are some ideas I've had...



Hit me with your ideas, GT!

Oh, and here's the mama a few weeks back.


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