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Update Name of erotic novel series circa 2000

There was a post earlier today about erotica. Well except for Anne Rice my mindwent blank over good erotic novelists. Exit ti Eden was not all that good. Then my mind flashed to circa late nineties early 2000s. There was, I believe they were best sellers. A series where each novel took place in China in the 1800s. I read one, it was downright idiotic. I suspect all books in the series were on same idea.

A woman about twenty. Her father was a businessman trying to open a market in China. I think they were Americans. I read this dozen years ago. She met this young man who was Chinese and she was determined to learn Chinese Secret Sexual. Techniques that she believed existed and he could teach her because he was Chinese. Of course he was a member of a Secret Sexual Chinese school. It was idiotic. I think authors first or last name is Jade or something similar. Anyone remember this erotic series? The author.

I did more Googling and it Jade Lee. Off by a few years too. I must have read it seven years ago. http://jadeleeauthor.com/books.shtml

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