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Name That Boid 2

I came home tonight and there was a small crowd gathered by the pier next to the subway station. A little girl was skipping around saying "Look at the penguin! Look at the penguin!" Well, I took a look and dang, at first glance this little fella did indeed look kinda penguinlike, standing bolt-upright at first, black and white, long conical bill.

It hopped around a few times and obviously had regular bird-wings, not the flightless kind, and the toes were clawed, not webbed. The picture quality is poor, but I've never seen a boid like this around and I was very curious as to what kind of lil' feller this might be, so any guesses, educated or no, are appreciated.


The white stripe in the last picture is a kind of crest on its head that lays flat along its back.

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