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Name That Kitten

My friend needs assistance naming her kitten. Her cats have Game of Thrones themed names, based on the show, not the books. So far, the leading contender is Tyrion.

Please enjoy some kitten pics:


Other names that have been considered are Raven, Tully, the Hound, Dracarys, Targaryen, Tommen, Jon Snow, Drogo, Drogon, Rhaegal, Aemon, Grey Wind, Winterfell, Winter, and so on. She doesn’t want to name him after any of Cersei’s offspring, or after Cersei or Jaime. Her other cats are Khaleesi and Arya, but she doesn’t care if the names follow a theme other than Game of Thrones. His personality is shy but playful. GoT/kitten fans, what do you suggest?

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