I've mentioned my family ball of stress due to my Nana who is consistently scammed by some neighborhood dudes that she thinks are her friends. Well, it happened again. They totally wiped out her bank account and attempted to get into her savings. Luckily my dad had moved most of her money into a new account. Wells Fargo apparently allowed them to take out $1000 dollars via the drive thu teller but she has no recollection of being there to show ID. My parents took it up with the bank - they have to got through the cameras and such but that could take months.

The bright side of all of this is that it seems like we aren't going to completely win the case to prove that she is incapable of making her decisions but the lawyer is pretty confident that the judge will allow my dad to control her finances. So that means she will have nothing in her name and we'll just take care of everything from bills to grocery money going straight to my aunt. We can't get a restraining order but hopefully he'll stop coming around now that she has no money to give him? Though he can still take her stuff which I suspect he has already.

I hate this. I don't want to treat her like a baby but it's totally out of control. Fuck this evil dude. How could you take advantage of an old woman like this? My nana is no saint in the matter. In fact, she has never been the nicest person and has been downright awful throughout this whole ordeal. Aside from the fact that she is literally taking the side of a stranger over her family - she pushed my aunt, threatened to hit my dad, and said some really awful things to everyone. This has been triggering some bad childhood memories that he never talks about. He said he hated her the other day - I've never ever EVER heard him say anything like that about her. It's been stressing him out so much that yesterday he freaked out at me because he thought I took a key from the house? We've resolved it and he apologized but he has been short tempered with pretty much everyone in his life - not great for a teacher and boss. I just really can't wait for this to be over. I really am dreading Christmas more than I usually do. I'm hoping that we just stay in Boston.